Medical Electronic Innovations, LLC


TopShelf is engineered and developed for high performance and mission critical reliability for anesthesia practitioners in an operating room environment.

TopShelf is the solution to combine a high performance computer with an anesthesia workstation.

Now available in four versions designed to integrate with:

  1. Legacy anesthesia machines - older machines or those wishing to continue to maximize storage opportunities

  2. Fabius®

  3. Tiro®

  4. Avance®/Aespire®

Others versions coming soon!

Contact us if you need a specific model.

Important note !

MEI has no relationship with either Drager Medical Inc or GE Datex Ohmeda

Fabius®, Fabius GS® , and Fabius Tiro® are registered trademarks of Drager Medical, Inc, Telford, PA

Aespire® and Avance® are registered trademarks of GE Datex-Ohmeda, Madison, WI

News!!    MEI’s TopShelf now available!

TopShelf solves

  1. Bullet Limited premium anesthesia workspace.

  2. Bullet The shift to a hospital EMR necessitates the addition of a computer to the anesthesia workstation.

  3. Bullet Eliminates the need for laptops underpowered with their small screens and a frequent theft target.

  4. Bullet The need for using a standard desktop computer which are challenging to functionally locate.

  5. Bullet Utilizing multiple expensive brackets, cables, and zip ties. The result being a kludgy and vulnerable installation that is an obvious compromise and difficult to keep clean.

  6. Bullet these common scenarios since there were previously few, if any, viable alternatives...